iRemap: maximum performance

Our history

Ours is a young and dynamic Italian company, founded in 2008 and driven by a great passion for cars and tuning. In many years of work we have thus increased our knowledge in the automotive world and in increasing performance; in fact for us the continuous study and research have always been the foundations for the realization of our products, which have as their sole purpose the increase in power and the optimization of the consumption of the cars of our customers.

Our vision

Our journey and our work have therefore led us, in a short time, to have a leading position on the market with an increasingly growing demand for our products. Although the company is located in Italy, it has not been long that our products have become in demand even outside our country. So with commitment and dedication, in a few years, we are at the point of being able to affirm the presence of our company in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Our Company

Despite the achievements and successes achieved over the years, we have remained faithful to a pivot, the "Made in Italy". Our headquarters, our design, production, sales and customer service department are all located in Italy. Our team also collects the best experiences and professionalism all from the territory. We are proud of all this because we can say that in iRemap a 100% Italian heart beats.