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What is a ECU remapping?

Having a more performing car is the main aspiration both of many motor enthusiasts and of those who simply use the car every day for any need. Greater speed, a better recovery and also lower consumption are within everyone's reach thanks to a ECU remapping, but let's see what it consists of:

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What is the Engine Control Unit

The Engine Control Unit is a device that serves to operate all the various parts of the car that need electronic management and is generally located in the engine compartment. Specifically, the whole complex network of sensors and actuators are connected and managed by this device, also known as ECU. We can affirm that the main function of the ECU is to govern the engine in all its functions such as combustion management by appropriately regulating the injection of fuel into the cylinders and the charge pressure (beyond anything related to traction control, etc ...). In managing all these procedures, the engine control unit then takes care of giving the driver, via the on-board instrument panels inside the passenger compartment, all information on the car's operating status, communicating any problems when these were to occur.

What does it mean to remap a car

Since the ECU plays such an important role, one hears very often about remapping a car by acting precisely on the engine control unit. In fact, many goes into this field precisely to have advantages from their cars by optimizing combustion, improving so fuel consumption and performance. In fact, those who use the car every day will have noticed not a few times how small difficulties can arise on departures that are not exactly quick, even sometimes high consumption, etc ... For these and other reasons, therefore, we push ourselves to remap your car; that is to have the best without having to change it.

What does the remapping of the ECU involve

When we decide to proceed with a remapping of the control unit, we must know well what the latter entails. In fact, in order to perform a remapping of the engine control unit we cannot improvise professionals but we must turn to companies and/or products with proven experience and effectiveness. The engine control unit is a very delicate device, so once you act on it incorrectly, irreversible and disabling damage can be done to your car. On the contrary, relying on a valid product will greatly improve the performance of your car, also reducing consumption and preserving the reliability of the engine.

How much does the ECU remapping costs

As in all fields, relying on a good product or a capable company certainly has its cost. In fact, for a good remapping of the ECU we start from a basic figure of 300-400 € per silire. This is because, as said so far, a very delicate component that manages the life of your car, you certainly cannot rely on the first one that passes.

ECU remapping vs additional chiptuning: pros and cons

In addition to the ECU remapping, many choose to install an additional chiptuning module. An additional chiptuning is a device that connects between the engine and the ECU of your car and serves to change the performance in power and torque, as well as in consumption. The decision of many falls on these devices as they are very easy to install and manage compared to a remapping of the control unit. In fact, just follow the installation instructions provided with these products and you can take advantage of the improvement immediately. The market for these products is very varied and they are available in all types and for all budgets. Needless to say, the products at a very reduced cost are likely to cause damage to your car as they are not carefully designed and calibrated. Ultimately the advantages of an additional control unit compared to a remapping are the ease of installation and the ability to return to settings with little original not to mention that a remapping done on the ECU of your car totally invalidates the warranty of the same.

iRemap remapping chiptuning

The Remapping Chiptuning iRemap was born from the need to have the best of remapping from your car, with the ease of installation of an additional ECU. An iRemap chiptuning remap combines the convenience of an additional ECU with the power and customization of a remapping. In fact our chiptuning remap:

  • It installs easily without voiding the warranty of your car as it is enough to disconnect it to return to the original ECU
  • You can remap in real time by acting directly on the control unit thanks to the proprietary iRemap app for Android
  • It has various setting levels to be able to better customize your car without problems

If you are curious about what a iRemap chiptuning remap can do for your car.