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Remap Dr DR5 120 hp

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp
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On sale Remap Dr DR5 120 hp

299,90 €

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Offer valid until 26/05/2019

This product is no longer available. It was replaced by a new chiptuning.
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Dr DR5 120 hp

120 hp
280 Nm
165 hp
385 Nm
i Remap New! Available!

The best remapping for your
Dr DR5 120 hp

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp More power and less consumption!

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp i Remap intervenes on the modification and optimization of injection parameters, making the combustion more efficient and effective. The results are a detectable increase in power and torque of 40% and a reduction in consumption of 20%.

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp No risk for your engine!

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp i Remap acts in full compliance of all mechanical and electronic systems present in your car, avoiding any risk of breakage and premature wear problems. The engine then preserves the same reliability and durability original.

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp The one with specific software for your car!

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp i Remap is made in digital technology and programmed according to the specifications of your car. The increase in power and torque is then smeared all over the period of use of the engine, providing the kind of smoother and free of voids and tears.

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp Installation in just 5 minutes!

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp i Remap is equipped with plug & play wiring harness specific for your car. The installation is so simple: you only need to unhook the cross connector of the common rail and hook it to product. The warranty of the car is not affected.

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp A team of engineers for your car!

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp The design, development and production of the device are made entirely in Italy in our company, all to offer the best quality on the market at a very competitive price.

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp Choose the best for your car!

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Check your remapping safely!

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp Switch

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp With our switch you can decide when to activate or disable your remapping, in total safety. Aeronautical design and a 2 m cable included.(*)

29,90 € Add »

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp Remote Control

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp Thanks to the convenient wireless remote you can freely and safely govern your remapping. No additional connection to run, no wires to cut, encrypted signal.(*)

49,90 € Add »

(*)Our accessories are synchronized to the respective remapping before being packed and shipped. For this you can not buy accessories without his respective remapping.

Installation in 4 easy steps!

  • STEP 1
    Open the hood and remove the engine cover
  • STEP 2
    Locate the sensor at the top or in the middle of the common rail
  • STEP 3
    Unplug the connector from the common rail and connect it to the included cable
  • STEP 4
    Connect the wiring to our product

INSTRUCTIONS manual with specifications, product and wiringINCLUDED IN THE SHIPPING.

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Remap Dr DR5 120 hp Delivery worldwide in 24/48H

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Remap Dr DR5 120 hp Insured shipping!

Remap Dr DR5 120 hp Customer satisfaction is fundamental. For this reason, if the expedition was lost, we will immediately send you another product.